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Teamwork & Competition

Like many of you, we are obsessed with cooking shows… and many of those are competitions. Heck, we have had kids go on to win Chopped Junior and Masterchef Junior after attending Summer Culinary programs! But don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of skills yet… we have cooks of all skill levels in our program. The point is… we love the competitions and so we bring that to campusATX.

Teamwork: During the program we are often working in small teams, going therough the process of making multiple dishes at once from scratch. We have to learn to ‘call it out’, to be loud and be proud, how a kitchen brigade works, how to keep our zone clean… and then how to plate and present the food we’ve made. This is a very fun and very important aspect of the program and is where friendships are cemented.

Competition: Every session of every Summer Culinary program ends in a TV-style competition. Small teams (with a name they invent… don’t ask lol) make a full meal for the judges: an appetizer, an entree and a beverage for the judges. The judges are chefs, food entrepreneurs, bloggers, food critics or other professionals and they take detailed notes and give ample critiques. We ask they tell us exactly what they think the good the bad and the ugly!

Friends and family invited! We will be sensitive to what is happening with COVD and in the the past this session, at the end of the week on Friday, is the most fun part of the program. Having friends and family there makes it even more fun especially for them… why? Because the student chefs make more food than just for the judges, and they that food with the other students and the audience! Come hungry there will be lots of samples…

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