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Lesson Plan

“I love the fact that it felt like a real cooking camp rather than a camp that says “Today we are going to make chocolate chip cookies”. There were real culinary skills being taught and learned (at this culinary arts high school program).” – Antoinnea (2019 student)

From scratch: each day we create specific and delicious full meals with unique recipes.  This is an amazing and incredible opportunity to create new possibility in the kitchen for the limited number of students we can accept.


Our program includes formal classroom time in addition to their kitchen time each day.  This enables our students to get formal training on concepts, skills, and techniques like these:

  • Knife Skills and Safety
  • Kitchen Safety rules
  • Nutrition and Health
  • Label Reading / Deciphering
  • Ingredients / Substitution
  • Kosher, Vegetarian, and Vegan Alternatives
  • Food allergies

Demonstrations and Special Guests:  We have had food bloggers, food photographers, and other experts talk to us about their craft and how to achieve the best possible results in all aspects (including posting awesome pictures on social media!)  Check back or even better call or email us for the latest info on who is visiting, we are adding events all the time.

Our students make delicious food from scratch!


SCHEDULE:  campusATX is two one-week-long sessions. Students can either or BOTH.

The program focuses on full immersion.  It’s only one-week long, and we have a whole ton to cover, from kitchen safety and real skill building to cooking up a storm all day in the kitchen.  Everybody basically works on everything, everyone learns how to do all of the stuff we are working on. We make a ton of food and that includes our dinner, a full spread with appetizers soups salads and entrées. So we have to work together in teams, work on our plating skills (food presentation almost as important as the cooking itself). We even work on food photography to document the dreamy dinners on your social media!

Chopped Every Session! Every session of every Summer Culinary program ends in a TV-style competition. Small teams make a full slate of appetizer, entree and beverage for the judges and we share that food with the audience (friends and family… parents, grandparents, siblings and more are welcome! Come hungry there will be lots of samples…)

Note how the students are working on the presentation and plating!
We endeavour to do all the little things right so our pastries are close to perfection!
Oh my gosh that looks like a winner!