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Rogue Squads

Our students created the term “Rogue Squads”. That is when our students break into small pods – with a counselor in each pod – and they form a squad and they go out on missions that THEY create. Several nights during the program are Rogue Squad nights…..

Franklin BBQ – a certain Rogue Squad stop

The whole program is authored by the students. Rogue Squads are a result of that philosophy. The staff create a culture of joy and connection, and we start over from nothing each session. We don’t have inside jokes from the previous sessions or summers… we create new ridiculous and funny environments newly each day, each session. We are out to create growth and friendship among the students and even if that sounds hokey, what that looks like is kids coming by themselves and leaving as part of a community which stays in touch over the years. Cooking camp friends are often long-term friends too because the kids have similar outlooks and predilections. Camp is life accelerated and we take it to the max! Our students get to grow, connect and take a look into their future.

Watch this short video we made about Rogue Squads: NYC. We will do similar squads in ATX.
Shopping on South Congress

Shopping on South Congress: Our students will have the chance to pick up unique Texas finds, souvenirs, tasty snacks and funky cool shops when we make our way to South Congress. This area has all the quirkiest shops and a ton that you already know. It’s a great place to grab some Amy’s Ice Cream, try on the most fun cowboy boots ever, and relax with a little retail therapy.

Everybody hits Voodoo Donuts at some point!
Sometimes we just have to go escape to one of the prettiest parks ever Zilker Park.

Zilker Park:This is the “Central Park” of Austin. The hub where it is all happening, Kite Festivals, sports of every kind, and plenty of space to roam. We like to bring a frisbee, volleyball, or even just a blanket and a book to Zilker Park to hang out and get some sunshine. In the summer there are always fun (free!) outdoor events at Zilker Park and we can’t wait to see what they are cooking for this summer!